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Cuello Piraquibis, Adrian Antonio

Zaragoza (Spain) 8/7/1975

Born on July 8,1975 in Barranquilla, Colombia. He inherited his love of music from his parents. His mother, Francismir Piraquibis Belmont(1952-2001) was a person who loved music. His father,Jose Cuello Avendano, who also loves classical music, was the first one to instilled in him the love of music.

But it wasn’t until 1991, when he entered the seminary of the Corazonista in Marinilla, Antioquia when he receives his first lessons in guitar, flute and voice training .He remembers Brother Agustin Navarro, Miguel and Jorge Escaff from those days.

In 1994 he entered the Conservatory in his home town, where he continues to study piano, voice, chorus and his first lessons from his teacher Mercedes Guevara. In 1996 he moves to Medellin and continues his studies in the Conservatory at the Universidad de Antioquia. He still remembers all the friends he made at the University especially Haydee Marin Alvarez.
He continues his studies under the direction of Danahila Hristova his music teacher and receives his first lessons from the composer Dario Rojas.
It is at this time when he writes his first piece ,”Nana”,for mezzosoprano and chelo, a piece he dedicates to his friend Maria Cristina Castano. He was part of the choral of the University Hospital Saint Vincent of Paul,a choral he abandoned to emigrate to Spain.

At the moment,Adrian is completing his studies at the Conservatorio Profesional de Musica in Zaragoza, where he has mastered his studies in repertoire and style, under the direction of Jose Luis Pena and Eliberto Sanchez. He is also under the direction of tenor Julian Molina Mur, and Nuria Hernandez ,a choral director.
As a composer Adrian has some recently composed pieces been performed by the City of Zaragoza choral, from whom he continues to get demands for pieces to be performed . At the moment he directs” Corales Margen Izquierda“, Estacion del Norte and Coral del Ebro, after he was named his director from 2006 to 2007.He also directs Coral Santa Maria del Pilar.

On December 2006, his first book “ Navidad en Aragon” (Christmas in Aragon) is published. A collection of pieces written for choral and whose theme is the traditional Christmas celebrated in three Zaragozan provinces. He also has another book about musical practices called “Dictados para hacer en Casa” and another in the process of being published called “Cien melodias para solfear,the last one is a didactical book about music.
Soon to be published is “Aragon popular”, harmony for chorus whose theme is the traditional melodies of Aragon and another one about divine inspirations called,”Musica religiosa para Coro”
Many and diverse are his composicions ranging in different kinds of styles and forms, from the classical to the modern. Always trying to blend his inspiration with the quality of the piece.

Besides his written composicions ,he is working on a project very dear to him: “Agustina de Aragon” an operetta whose main character is from Zaragoza’s countryside. He is also working on a musical project about the oral tradition from “La morica encantada”.
On the other hand, he is writing the music for poems written by a poet from Aragon, whom he admires very much.
He has composed several pieces about Rosalia de Castro, edited by the association that has the previous name and whose publisher is in Vigo.
Besides his studies in Zaragoza from the “Musical Consevatory of Zaragoza for Professionals“, and the “Superior Conservatory of Aragon”, he has specialized in the direction of chorals under the supervision of Carlos Chausson and the soprano Ana Maria Sanchez, a good friend.

At the present (2007) he has been awarded a scholarship to continue his musical studies in Cologne, Germany.
As a result of all his musical studies, he is currently teaching music and has been entrusted with the direction of the Federacion Aragoneza de Coros and the technical voice formation.

He complements his activities in the world of music by organizing and teaching workshops in music in his beloved place of Zaragoza,where he is greatly appreciated. He also collaborates with the local choir of Philophonia.

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